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Valentine’s day is coming, are you ready?

Valentine’s Day, what will you do? It is not too late to plan

If you’re a man and you are one of those that lacks creativity when it comes to Valentine’s day, we have some insight into things you could do to surprise your loved one. We get it, sometimes the receiving party isn’t surprised and maybe you’re even afraid of getting the wrong thing. You may be dating or married, or trying to get close, whichever the case, we have something for everyone. Here is a list of things you can do:


When it comes to dinner, you can cook or you can take your loved one out or use this day to propose. So the best app you can use so that it takes the hassle of getting a table at your favorite place or a romantic place in your area, we would recommend Opentable. This app is great because it allows you to select a date, and time frame and it comes back with options for your time or close to the time you want to book a table. Other benefits, you might ask? Well the big benefit is that you can get a table at hard places to get a table and second, you will be treated right because the owners know that you will be leaving a review, it is expected and they know this. Of course, they also appreciate the review since this is what will give them repeat busines. So remember your waiter’s name and or your experience, you will need it after to give your review. You also get points towards a free dinner.

If you prefer not to go out, there are many sites that will give you recipes to take on. For recipes check out:

For wine, check out:

Other things you can do include:

Write a poem and express how you feel

Send a lovely text

Whisk your loved one away as a surprise to a paradise nearby

If you’re buying jewelry, make sure it is something your loved one will like – think birth stone, favorite colors, and or favorite animals or things.

How about lingerie? Yes of course, this is a touchy one for the dudes cause you may not know her size. If you know her and do spend some time near her under garments, sneak a peek when she’s not around and find out her sizes so that least you have an idea when you visit your local shop.

The ideas are endless but don’t miss out on doing anything. It is even ok to discuss with your loved one as to what you both want to do, ideas may spur and since you are both in the idea process, it will allow you to have some predictables but since you know what you will be doing, you can always sneak something they weren’t expecting.